Yacht management company Ft Lauderdale
Yacht Delivery

The primary reason for having a yacht delivered is for the owner to use, enjoy, race or charter their vessel in a warmer seasonal climate for a season, then to return the yacht to the home cruising grounds, whether in Europe, the US, Asia, Australia or cities in the Mideast. There are over 600 yacht deivery services on the Fort Lauderdale, Miami Dade and Monroe County service directory alone, though there are thousands globally who offer this service. When a broker or owner sells a boat or needs it moved to a boat show, they would pay a delivery crew to move it on its own hull, or possibly by road, rail or air, which falls beyond the ambit of this definition. Large shipping companies also deliver yachts on the backs or decks of semi-submersible ships, which is growing in demand as doing so saves costs, fuel, crew error, and wear and tear (although this very much depends on the skill and experience of companies that deliver yachts under sail). The challenge of ship delivery is to ensure a flexible schedule which suits owners' needs. The owner must also have a crew on standby to load and unload the yacht.

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